"Daniel Switzer is charming as the adorable and touristy Chip. It is guaranteed fun to watch him get shanghaied by lonely and desperate cab driver, Hildy, played with uproarious glee by Lexi Lyric."

-DC Metro Theater Arts

"Switzer is so emotionally intense, we constantly feel his pain and hope for a positive outcome."

-Rock River Times

"And Chip, Frank Sinatra's role from the movie, is excellently portrayed by Daniel Switzer."

-Broadway World Long Island

"Daniel Switzer is top-notch playing the role of Mungojerrie..."

-NW Indiana Times

"Among those making the strongest impressions on the Carpenter Center stage are Switzer’s spirited Mike, flashing us back to a childhood in which he learned that “I Can Do That,”

-Stage Scene LA

"Daniel Switzer plays Mike, an assertive but adorable Bronx-ite who discovered tap very early on (and tells us about it in “I Can Do That”)"

-Stage and Cinema

"Certainly, while every ensemble member is spectacular, some standouts include Daniel Switzer (Race), who effortlessly maneuvers around on stage"

-LA Excites

"Switzer and Morris make a perfect duo, both bringing good facial physicality and cartoonish vocal expressiveness to their roles. Some of the best moments in the play are just watching these characters clown around with each other...."

-Rockford Examiner

"The dynamic duo of Mungojerrie (Daniel Switzer) and Rumpelteazer get the show off to an energetic start..."

-Daily Pilot

"performed by Daniel Switzer and Hillary Porter, is probably the most physically taxing numbers to dance and sing simultaneously, and is a definite crowd pleaser."

-Orange County Family

"performs an aggressively catchy number featuring cat burglars Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer (Daniel Switzer and Hillary Porter)..." 

-San Antonio Current

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